B. Affirmative Action

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B. Affirmative Action

5.   Policy Statement. "All faculty, staff1 and students have a right to work in an environment free of discrimination, including freedom from sexual harassment. It is the policy of the University System of New Hampshire that no member of the University System community may sexually harass another. The intent of this policy is to foster behavior in a working environment free of discrimination." (USY V.B.5) It is the responsibility of GSC administration to enforce this policy in a way that meets the requirements of USNH policy and the law while assuring fairness to all parties. In order to implement this policy for GSC staff the following procedures are adopted.

    5.1   Complaint Procedure

5.1.1   The purpose of this formal procedure is to provide a timely and fair method of resolving problems arising from alleged violations of college or USNH policy. Timeliness of complaints is significant. Normally, complaints filed more than six months after the alleged violation may be harder to verify and resolve.

5.1.2   Each learner, faculty member, administrator, or staff member has an obligation to make every effort to resolve problems informally as they arise. The GSC Personnel Officer is available to help in the informal resolution of problems. If a suitable solution cannot be reached informally through independent means, which may include consultation with supervisors or other staff members, a complaint may be filed.

5.1.3   A staff member who has not succeeded in resolving the concern through informal means may file a complaint with his/her supervisor or the GSC Personnel officer. Such complaint shall be in writing. A supervisor receiving such a complaint shall immediately forward it to the Personnel Officer.

5.1.4   All records and written information submitted or collected in this process are confidential. Records will be filed in the GSC Personnel Office. Confidentiality cannot be unconditionally guaranteed; however, the College will endeavor to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

5.1.5   The GSC Personnel Officer (or in case of conflict of interest an alternate officer can be appointed by the Dean/CEO) shall meet with the complainant to review the nature of the complaint and to clarify the process. A non-attorney USNH employee may accompany the complainant. The Personnel Officer shall also provide the alleged violator with a copy of the complaint.

5.1.6   It is the responsibility of the GSC Personnel Officer to make a determination of the accuracy of the complaint and, if necessary, to recommend action to the appropriate administrator normally within 30 calendar days of receipt of the written complaint.   The personnel officer shall gather such additional information as needed to ascertain the facts and to support a recommendation. This can include interviews, meetings with other staff, and, at the Personnel Officer's discretion, seeking the advice of an advisory committee chosen in consultation with the CEO.   The Personnel Officer's findings and recommendation shall be forwarded to the Dean for Administration for decision and action. (In case of conflict of interest the CEO shall designate an alternate college official to receive and act upon the Personnel Officer's findings and recommendation.)   The action taken shall be communicated in writing, normally within 14 calendar days, to the alleged violator, his/her supervisor, the complainant, the CEO, and the Personnel Officer. A copy of any decision that harassment had occurred shall be placed in the personnel file if subsequently sustained in the review process.

5.2   Review

5.2.1   Either the complainant or the alleged violator can request a review of the recommended action by the CEO within 14 days of its issuance. The CEO shall review the evidence presented, consult as necessary, and render a final decision in writing within 30 days.

5.3   Training

5.3.1   The GSC Personnel Officer shall provide training and reference materials to supervisory staff in order to administer effectively this policy.


    1 "Staff" in this document refers to any GSC employee.


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