Paul Barnes

Paul Barnes
ET&S Academic Technology



“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand."  Confucius

The quote resonates with me because for 20+ years I have had a role in training.  Telling is not teaching.  Involve those that you are trying to teach and they are much more likely to not only remember but utilize it in day to day activities.


  • UNH Teaching and Learning Technologies Software intake process – Yellow Belt - 2018
  • Reviving Lean at KSC – Green Belt - 2019
  • NH Veterinary Diagnostic Lab Accessioning Process – Green Belt - 2022


20+ years of training experience in Process, Policy, Software and Professional Development.  I have working knowledge of Project Management, in my past jobs I have assisted more than 500 companies in rolling out new software.  As part of training responsibilities, I have created, produced and published how to videos and knowledge base documents.  I maintain working knowledge of academic software applications used by USNH institutions such as Canvas, Kaltura, Zoom, Blue Teaching Evaluations, EAB Navigate, MS 365, and myElements.