Impact of Lean in Higher Education, One's Perspective

Tara Payne of Granite State College

Tara Payne, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Granite State College took the time to share her perspective on the impact of Lean in Higher Education. 

"In today’s higher education market, high-quality academic offerings and best-in-class learning environments (on-campus and online) are the baseline for enrollment success. Built upon solid academic programs, is an infrastructure of student support and technology that benefits tremendously from employees with a Lean mindset. At Granite State College, Lean has fundamentally shifted how we think about the work. Some Enrollment Management projects have focused on saving time or funding while others enhanced resources, inspired better quality service, or improved communication. Our greatest examples optimized in all five areas. In a competitive marketplace, delivering value for students throughout the journey is essential. As importantly, when team members participate in Lean, they feel connected to the outcome and excited about the change because they helped to design it.”