Lean Enthusiast Amber Pursel, You Have Been Awarded Your Challenge Coin!

Congratulations to Amber a Lean Challenge Coin recipient

Amber Pursel, Tom, and Dagmar

Amber Pursel is an Application Administrator within Enterprise Technology and Services and has been engaged in Lean since March of 2017. Her Lean adventure began with Introduction to Lean and she progressed through the program receiving her Lean Black Belt in the midst of Covid in 2020. 

Here are a few examples of how Amber has gone above and beyond throughout her Lean journey:

  • Lean Green Belt Panels – The Lean Green Belt panel is a section of Lean Green Belt training where existing Green and Black Belts engage with class participants to share their stories, provide practical advice, and help with mentorship.
    Amber is willing and eager to participate on these panels and collaborate with aspiring Lean Green Belts.
  • Lean Education - The University System of New Hampshire offers several levels of Lean training to all Faculty and Staff within the University System.
    Amber embraces the concept of a lifelong learner in Lean as she is continually enhancing her skills by attending training. Amber re-enrolls in training she was previously engaged in to pick up new concepts, online collaboration tools, and applications.  Amber models the concept of always going back to the basics to progress forward. 
  • Learn for Life – Through an online platform, UNH can meet all of your non-traditional learning needs from professional development, to corporate training, to youth programs and summer camps, and everything in between.
    When we approached Amber about offering Lean training for outside organizations, she immediately partnered with us to design an online solution for external customers.  Through the application, external participants can view our upcoming schedules and easily register for classes.
  • Micro-Credential Badges - A digital badge is an electronic representation of a skill, achievement, or experience. 
    Amber continues to support our need to issue micro-credential badges to all Lean training participants. She is quick to execute our requests as Amber understands the excitement and enthusiasm of participants to share their accomplishments.

Based on Amber’s passion and engagement for #leanalldayeveryday, we awarded her a Lean Black Belt Challenge coin. The challenge coins are awarded to those who go above and beyond in helping foster a positive Lean culture across all campuses within the University System of New Hampshire.