Amy Maltagliati has Gone Above & Beyond Earning a Challenge Coin!

Amy Maltagliati with challenge coin

A big round of applause for Amy Maltagliati for receiving a Lean Black Belt Challenge Coin. 

Amy participated in Introduction to Lean in May of 2016 and progressed through the Lean program receiving her Lean Black Belt in 2018. Amy is a Salesforce Administrator & Process Analyst on the Enterprise Constituent Relationship Management Services Team (ECRM) with Enterprise Technology and Services. Below is a snapshot of what Amy has accomplished to earn this Lean Challenge Coin.

  • Lean Summits - A collaborative event bringing together Lean practitioners for a one-day educational, networking event.

Amy participated on the Lean Summit team providing support and insight on the day’s events.

  • Lean Green Belt Panels - The Lean Green Belt panel is a section of Lean Green Belt training where existing Green and Black Belts engage with class participants to share their stories, provide practical advice, and help with mentorship.

Amy is always willing to participate on these panels and is eager to share her stories with newly practicing facilitators.

  • Lean Green and Black Belt Network meetings - These meetings are to bring together Lean practitioners at the Green and Black Belt level to share information, learn new tools, and network. 

Bringing her ideas to incorporate into the agenda of our meetings, Amy made suggestions on training topics as well as participated in these collaborative meetings.

  • Leadership Support of a Lean Culture – As a Leader supporting Lean methodology and empowering employee growth.

While leading her Team at Granite State College Amy continually encouraged team members to utilize Lean methodology and supported training for her team members.  Within her new role with ET&S, Amy brings Lean thinking to her projects and day-to-day work.

An effortless approach is the best way to describe how Amy incorporates Lean in her work, with her peers, and on her teams.  Beyond the examples list above, Amy is being awarded a Lean Black Belt Challenge coin based on her Lean enthusiasm and always willingness to help.

Lean Black Belt Challenge Coin