Congratulations, Dan McLeod! You Have Been Awarded Your Challenge Coin

Dan with challenge coin

Congratulations to our first Lean Challenge Coin recipient. 

Dan McLeod of Enterprise Technology and Services began his Lean journey in July of 2016.  His Lean adventure began with Introduction to Lean and progressed through the program receiving his Lean Black Belt in 2018. 

Here are a few examples of how Dan has gone above and beyond throughout his Lean journey:

  • Lean Green Belt Panels – The Lean Green Belt panel is a section of Lean Green Belt training where existing Green and Black Belts engage with class participants to share their stories, provide practical advice, and help with mentorship.

Dan has always been willing to participate on these panels and is eager to share his stories with newly practicing facilitators.

  • Lean Green and Black Belt Network meetings – These meetings are to bring together Lean practitioners at the Green and Black Belt level to share information, learn new tools, and network. 

Without hesitation, Dan participates and engages in these Lean network meetings.

  • Micro-Credential Badges - A digital badge is an electronic representation of a skill, achievement, or experience. 

Dan approached the Lean team with a recommendation to incorporate a micro-credential badge into our Lean program.  He guided us along the way and was instrumental in getting approval to move forward with issuing badges for our program.

  • Lean Summits – A collaborative event bringing together Lean practitioners for a one-day educational, networking event.

Dan’s Lean mindset and knowledge of technology allowed him to recommend an online registration platform for all participants which had the added benefit of reporting and analytics.  He was a partner when it came to implementation and ongoing support.

Based on Dan’s passion and engagement in continually fostering a Lean culture, we awarded Dan a Lean Black Belt Challenge coin.  The challenge coins are awarded to those who go above and beyond in helping grow a positive Lean culture across all campuses within the University System of New Hampshire. 

Lean Black Belt Challenge Coin