Welcome new Lean Green Belt - Sean Stewart

Sean Stewart

Obstacles overcome and success achieved.  

UNH Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programs at the Paul College Sean Stewart didn't let the limitations of COVID prevent him from completing his Lean Green Belt Certification.  

Sean attended the Lean Green Belt class during the Summer of 2019 and was planning on doing the facilitation portion of certification when COVID hit. Wanting to complete his certification and with Lean Yellow Belt classes being canceled Sean reached out to the Lean team with an idea to complete his requirements. The Lean Team met with Sean and devised a plan for him to facilitate a project within his group during a time when we had so many restrictions. His project was centered around virtual advising within the Paul College.  

Sean and the Lean Team coordinated ongoing meetings where the focus was on obtaining updates on the progression of his team and project, mentoring Sean through his facilitation, and providing him with tips to aid him during his facilitation.  We also used Microsoft Teams Chat as a lifeline for Sean during his sessions since we could not be there in person to mentor him.  

Sean faced many challenges including:

  • Facilitating a project team with strict COVID restrictions,
  • Facilitating a process within his department that he was very involved in,
  • Facilitating his team,
  • Working against a tight deadline for both determining a solution and implementing a solution,
  • Receiving virtual mentoring as opposed to real-time in-person mentoring from the Lean Team (phone a friend)

Despite those challenges, Sean finished his certification. The Lean Team met with Sean via Zoom to deliver the good news!

Congratulations to Sean on his certification.

Sean, thank you for supporting a Lean Culture in higher education and for your contributions to a Lean culture.

Zoom green belt certification