USNH Acceptable Use Policy - Proposed


The proposed USNH Acceptable Use Policy consolidates existing policy provisions from the institutional AUP/CNUPs into a single, comprehensive, USNH-wide Policy that defines acceptable use of information technology resources for all USNH institutions and community members.

You can review the proposed USNH Acceptable Use Policy here.

This Policy is currently open for Public Comment.  You can submit feedback, questions, or comments here.



The following existing policies will be replaced in full by the new USNH Acceptable Use Policy.  A complete mapping of each institution's existing policy to the new Policy, including an overview of new provisions, can be found at the links below. 

As the USNH Acceptable Use Policy was developed based on the existing language in all four institutional AUP/CNUPs, most provisions contained in the new Policy directly replace provisions in each institutional policy.  Any new provisions being introduced for each institution's community are outlined in the institutional mapping documents provided above. 

A comprehensive map of all impacted institutional policies to the new Policy can be found here.
(This is the same mapping information as the institutional maps, just in aggregate.)