Create Your GSC Account

What You Will Need

If you are new to the college, you will need to set up your account first.  In order to do this, you will be required to provide the following:

  1. Your GSC ID, a unique 9-digit number used instead of your social security number.  You should have received your GSC ID in the Welcome email sent to you after your application was processed.  If you do not have this number, please contact the IT Service Desk. 
  2.  A strong password. USNH recommendations for creating a strong password.

Now you are ready to Create your GSC Account.  Visit this article for next steps


  • When using this 9-digit GSC ID, enter it with no hyphens or spaces.
  • Memorize your username and password.  You will need it to log into the GSC resources.

  • Trouble setting up your account? Contact the IT Service Desk. 

If you are you a new student and have not registered for a course:


You will get access to Canvas (for online courses) and your email after you have enrolled in a course. 


  • If you haven't enrolled in a course yet, you will get the following error message: “Granite and Office 365 Web Apps: password sync request failed” if you try to link up your accounts.

Granite email

You can find your Granite email by going to Click on your Account found in the upper navigation.  Go to View Account to reveal your email address.