Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

USNH institutions moving to one shared Microsoft environment

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All University System of New Hampshire institutions now share one Microsoft agreement and are now joined in a single Microsoft environment. This approach improves the customer experience and cybersecurity, and positions USNH for the future.


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These changes make it easier to collaborate with individuals and teams at your home institution and across USNH. You can:

  • Store and retrieve all your data in one place
  • Share and edit files with others in real-time
  • Stay abreast of projects and tasks in real-time through chat and virtual meetings
  • Share and manage calendars
  • Use an email address that better reflects your home institution, whether you are a student, staff or faculty

Increased control of the environment means more resources are available to support customers, resolve issues and provide solutions. The changes help USNH:

  • Decrease its vulnerability to cyberattacks
  • Maintain compliance with industry regulations (PII, HIPAA, FERPA)
  • Keep pace with changing security requirements
  • Establish better protection of institutional information and intellectual property
  • Support pushing critical security updates to protect users and data
  • Simplify IT management and system administration

A more adaptable and expandable technical infrastructure:

  • Enables USNH to more easily expand or merge other entities
  • Provides an environment that supports assessing and aligning capabilities, tools and data needs
  • Provides a framework for shaping future use and integration of technology platforms, capabilities and tools across USNH
  • Reduces IT sustainment costs

Support & Training

We have formed a Microsoft 365 support team to support all of your needs in this environment, including self-help, training and consultation. You can submit a question to the team via our support form.

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Microsoft is working with ET&S to provide training on OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Find an upcoming session through our training calendar, or browse through our collection of recorded sessions online.

Training calendar

Recorded training

Additional Resources

Microsoft offers a broad range of documentation on its suite of services. Here are a few key articles to help you become familiar with all OneDrive has to offer.

The M365 project consists of these parallel IT projects

Active Directory Project

Consolidation of all individual institution directories into one USNH-wide directory, fully integrating OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams across our campuses. This affects computers at Granite State College, Keene State College and Plymouth State University. University of New Hampshire computers will not be affected.


  • Computers at GSC migrated to new domain — Complete    
  • Computers at KSC and PSU migrated to new domain - Complete    

M365 Name Change & Single Environment

All USNH institutions will be unified into a single M365 tenant, with a single instance of email, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. This will facilitate better collaboration and communication across our institutions.


  • Unified M365 tenant renamed — Complete    
  • USNH institutions moved to unified M365 tenant
    •  From PLYMOUTH to UNIVERSITYSYSTEMNH — Complete    
  • Email domains updated
    •  Granite State College: changed to — Complete    
    •  Keene State College: changed to — Complete    
    •  UNH Durham & Manchester: changed to — Complete    
    •  UNH Law: changed to — Complete    
    •  PSU: No changes

Additional email domain change details


  • Common login page for all USNH institution users
  • Username and passwords remain the same
  • Email distribution lists remain the same
  • Global address list remains the same, scoped to the institution
  • Calendar, file sharing, Teams and SharePoint integrated across USNH institutions and locations

Box Migration Exploration

Box is ending unlimited storage and putting in place significant changes to its licensing structure. Because of these changes, USNH is engaging in discussions with stakeholders and evaluating alternatives. With Microsoft 365 services becoming integrated across all campuses, there may be significant advantages to moving our cloud storage to OneDrive and SharePoint. Enterprise Technology & Services staff are participating in a pilot study to explore the feasibility of this potential solution.

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