404 pages

A 404 page is well-branded and provides easy-to-use search functionality and site navigation, helping direct visitors to the information they are seeking. All keene.edu, plymouth.edu and unh.edu websites should contain a custom 404 page.  

Purpose and audience

Our website is often the first impression people have of the university system. When a page no longer exists on a site, an error message is displayed, called a 404 page. We want to provide the best information possible on our 404 pages to help visitors get to the information they are looking for before they give up and leave. Custom 404 pages can help provide that information.

404 page software

Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) Software Development team is responsible for managing 404 pages on Drupal sites set up by Software Development. All other site owners are responsible for managing their own 404 pages. Other sites may redirect to the standard college or university 404 page or create their own custom 404 pages.

Custom 404 pages

A custom 404 page should contain the following:

  • Site masthead, logo and navigation
  • A prominently displayed search bar, where appropriate
  • Footer


For support for Drupal sites, please contact Software Development. For other sites, Software Development may be able to assist you in implementing a custom 404.

Responsibility for usage

Owners of sites not maintained by USNH are responsible for implementing a custom 404 page on their sites.


If inappropriate or inaccurate 404 pages are discovered, ET&S will contact the account user to discuss the issue. If the account owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at USNH, that 404 page will be administered by ET&S and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. When usage is obviously unacceptable, ET&S will immediately remove the 404 page prior to contacting the account owner. Reports regarding inappropriate notification may be sent using the Web Development & Design request form.