Legitimate Email: Subject = various subjects mentioning Knack tutors

USNH Cybersecurity

Below is one sample of a series of legitimate emails being sent from Knack - tutoring resource for students.

Email subject = Claim Your Free Tutoring or Make $[xx]/hr as a Knack Tutor!


Email text

URLs in the email have been removed

Hi [First Name],

Through our partnership with the University of New Hampshire, we’re hiring high-achieving students to become verified UNH Peer Tutors on Knack.

At Knack, we’re on a mission to ensure every student has access to quality academic support, and that starts with our incredible network of Peer Tutors.

As a Peer Tutor, you’d have the opportunity to:

  • Tutor any courses in which you’ve received a B+ or better
  • Control your own hours by only accepting the sessions you want
  • Help fellow students in-person or online
  • Get paid $12/hour
  • Build crucial soft skills to jumpstart your post-UNH career
  • Contribute to a rapidly growing startup supporting campuses across the country

To get started, head to <URL was removed> (log in/tracking link), and click ‘Become a Tutor’.

If you have any questions about getting set up on Knack, please feel free to reply to this email.