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The university system provides a range of options for publishing and maintaining websites. Review the options below to guide you in selecting the platform that best meets your needs.


Build personal KSC, PSU, UNH, and USNH-branded WordPress sites quickly and easily using provided themes and plugins. Enterprise Technology & Services provides updates and maintenance to this platform. Choose part of your URL (e.g.

  • Recommended for:
    • Beginner, intermediate & advanced users
    • Lab websites, research and blogs
    • In-class/internally-facing projects
  • Related information 

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When requesting a new website, please include the preferred site title.

Domain of One's Own

Build fully-customizable complex personal sites through cPanel accounts that allow users to instantly install top web applications. Ability to choose part or full site URL (e.g. or Site owners are responsible for the development, maintenance and operation of these USNH websites.

  • Recommended for:
    • Intermediate & advanced users with complex projects
    • Non-university branded projects 
  • Related information 

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When requesting a new website, please include the preferred site title.

Intranet (Internal) Sites

A private portal where university members can see and share news, updates, and documentation.  Public links can be created and external members can be added to a site.

  • Recommended for:
    • Internal Department/Student Sites

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USNH Drupal Websites

USNH official websites provide information about offerings across our campuses to the public. These sites use Drupal, the university system's primary content management system.  Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) offers site design, development, guidelines, training and ongoing support to set up and maintain Drupal websites.

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USNH Pressbooks

A easy-to-use book publishing platform for creating and self-publishing books in several formats: e-books, web versions, and PDFs. 

About Pressbooks

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Custom Web & Mobile Applications

The ET&S Software Development team can support custom development requests for grant funded research.   Consultation and proposals for funding are also supported.

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Site requirements



Website administrators must comply with all university system data security policies.

Policy compliance

Website administrators are required to adhere to all university policies, including: 

Content elements and standards

Additional content resources

Additional Information about these standards is provided by each College or University's marketing department:


USNH Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) offers site design, development, guidelines, training and ongoing support to set up and maintain USNH Drupal websites. Sites@USNH, Domain of One's Own and Pressbooks are offered as self-service tools. For support needs please contact ET&S or attend a virtual walk-in session

USNH Faculty & Staff sites are not archived. Individuals are responsible for backing up any website content that they post or remove.

If no edits have been made to a Sites@USNH or Domain of One's Own website in a year, email notifications may be sent to the site owner. After notification, the owner will have 30 days to log into the site, or the site will be unpublished. Notification emails will be sent out prior to the site being unpublished.


Although USNH ET&S does not monitor or regularly review standalone site content, it reserves the right to remove at any time any content that it considers to violate this standard or any other USNH policies.  

If inappropriate or inaccurate content is discovered, ET&S will contact the site owner to discuss the issue. If the site or content owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at USNH, that content will be administered by ET&S and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. When content is obviously unacceptable, ET&S will immediately remove the content prior to contacting the site owner. Unacceptable entries also may cause site access to be suspended.

Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to ET&S