Logos and names on external websites

It is important that USNH logos be used appropriately and appear consistently across all USNH websites, applications, social media and digital communications to properly promote the USNH brand and help users easily identify USNH institutions in the digital universe.

Purpose and audience

You are strongly encouraged to use the tools USNH offers for building websites. However, if you are a member of the university community, you may choose to create an external site about your individual or club's approved university system activities. You may then request permission to use a USNH logo and name on your site.

To receive permission to use a university system logo and name on an external site, you must be either:

  • A USNH faculty or staff member using the site ONLY to promote your individual approved USNH activities, such as USNH-affiliated research
  • A USNH student using the site ONLY to promote the activity of a university-recognized student organization

It is not permissible to use the site for any commercial activity or display any ads. Any commercial or revenue-generating use of USNH logos or names must be approved through:

Requirements for sites

If you want to use a USNH logo or name on your external site, you are required to:

  • Request permission through ET&S.
  • Have an approved domain name. If a domain name contains “keene” “plymouth” or “unh” it must be owned by USNH ET&S or another USNH entity approved by ET&S
  • Use the logo and name only as specified in the institution’s brand guidelines:
  • Use only approved logos
  • Include a link back to the institution’s home page
  • Represent the site by the owner's name or organization, located at the institution, in order to distinguish the site from keene.edu, plymouth.edu or unh.edu web pages. Examples:  
    • "The Knitting Club at Plymouth State University," NOT "The PSU Knitting Club"
    • "The Lab at the University of New Hampshire," NOT "The University of New Hampshire Lab"
  • Not duplicate content from any keene.edu, plymouth.edu or unh.edu site on your own site
  • Disable the ability of the external platform to display ads. This may require paying for additional functionality.
  • Submit the site for review prior to launch
  • Designate a site owner and replacement
  • Plan for yearly site reviews
  • Comply with all relevant institution and USNH policies

All requests will be approved by ET&S and Marketing & Communications. In certain cases, the Digital Communications Governance Team will provide a recommendation. You must have express written approval to proceed with using any USNH name or logo.


For support for logo usage, please contact your institution’s marketing or communications department:

Responsibility for content

External sites may use a USNH logo, but they are created by members of the university community acting as individuals rather than as official representatives of the University System of New Hampshire. As such, external sites may not be used as the official website for any USNH college, school, institute, department, or administrative or service unit. Site owners are solely responsible for the site and its contents.


Although USNH ET&S does not monitor or regularly review external site content, it reserves the right to revoke the right to use any USNH logo or name for any site that it considers to violate this standard or any other USNH policies.

If inappropriate content is discovered, USNH ET&S will contact the site owner to discuss the issue. Unacceptable content may cause revocation of permission to use the USNH logo or name.

Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to ET&S.

Please note that you must request and receive express written permission to use any USNH logo or name. If you have not requested and received express written permission to use the USNH logo or name, then you do not have the right to use them. These trademarks are the exclusive property of USNH.