Digital signage

Digital signage TVs are used around USNH campuses to communicate to the USNH community and visitors about a variety of happenings, including events, classes, upcoming deadlines, public service and engagement messages, social media feeds, transportation information, and emergency alerts.

Purpose and audience

The USNH digital signage service is a fully managed USNH signage network, where content is uploaded through a portal, then passes through a vetting process offering joint approval with the institution and company (OrcaTV), and then managed by the company to upload content to the appropriate screens. The TVs are located around USNH campuses. 

Digital signage service software

USNH ET&S is responsible for managing the service. The software used is OrcaTV from Apogee. Channel player software is primarily Tightrope Media Systems Carousel software, the channel players, TVs and network are provided by USNH business units.

Digital signage content

  • The content is filtered by campus and on-campus location and can be tailored to include general campus notifications and/or notifications specific to its exact location.
  • The bottom news crawl is from a news source determined by ET&S.
  • Emergency Alerts immediately display on a default background superseding current content.
  • Reach out to your institution's marketing or communications department with any questions regarding social media handles for digital signage feeds.

Requirements for submitting an ad

  • Only faculty, staff members or leaders of recognized student organizations can post ads.
  • Requests will be taken on a first come, first served basis and scheduled based on availability.
  • The ad MUST be submitted at least five (5) working days prior to the preferred posting date. If an advertisement is not received by the deadline, it is possible that ad may not run.
  • Ads may run for a maximum of ten (10) days but may not run past the event date.
  • If you are using an image, make sure you have the copyright permissions to do so.
  • Submissions must adhere to these ad regulations.
  • Additional guidelines and more information regarding digital signage

Obtaining digital signage

  • Only Deans, Associate Deans, or their Administrative Assistants may request USNH Digital Signage
  • Installation costs are dependent on location, labor required, TV size, and existing equipment.

To request digital signage, please complete the request form.


Request support regarding digital signage.


Anyone working on a digital signage ad can use these resources. For further questions, please check out the training courses available from ET&S.

Responsibility for content

Digital signage ads are posted by members of the university system community acting as official representatives of USNH or its recognized student organizations and are responsible for the content of their ads. In addition, they are responsible for complying with all relevant laws, USNH policies and this standard.


USNH ET&S reserves the right to reject or remove an ad it considers to violate the ad regulations, this standard or any other USNH policy.

If inappropriate or inaccurate content is reported, ET&S or its agents (OrcaTV) will contact the ad owner to discuss the issue and suggest alternatives. If the site or content owner cannot be contacted or is no longer at USNH, that content will be administered by ET&S and can be removed if deemed inaccurate or inappropriate. When content is obviously unacceptable, USNH ET&S will immediately remove the content prior to contacting the content owner.

Reports regarding inappropriate content may be sent to ET&S.