Information Security Resources for Employees


Cybersecurity & Networking (CS&N) recommends employees take the following actions:


Learn How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attacks



Help Keep the University Secure


  • Ensure you know how to Handle Data with Care and follow these best practices for safeguarding institutional information .
  • USNH Cybersecurity & Networking is available to assist in responding to and investigating events and incidents that may have information security implications. Use the CS&N Incident Reporting process to report all security concerns.


Protect Your Device(s)



Protect Yourself and Your Accounts



Stay Informed about Information Security at UNH


  • Visit the USNH ET&S Homepage and locate the section where Service Announcements are posted.  This is also where you can find Security Alerts and Outage Notifications. 

Looking for additional information about Cybersecurity & Networking at USNH?  Have a question for Cybersecurity & Networking?  Visit the About CS&N page for information on how to contact the team.