Voluntary Group Long-Term Care Insurance Program

The University System of New Hampshire voluntary group long-term care insurance is underwritten by the Genworth Life Insurance Company and is designed to help protect against financial loss in the event long-term care services are needed. Long-term care insurance pays for services in many settings, such as at home, a nursing home, assisted living facility, and adult daycare.

  • Newly hired benefits eligible faculty and staff have the opportunity to apply for coverage without medical underwriting depending on their age during the first 31 days of employment.

  • After the initial enrollment period, benefits eligible faculty and staff, who are actively at work, may apply for coverage anytime with medical underwriting.

  • Spouses and family members (parents, grandparents, adult children, and siblings) are also eligible to apply with medical underwriting up through age 79.

  • Premiums for this benefit are paid by the faculty/staff member on an after-tax basis. Rates are based on the coverage option selected and age at the time of enrollment.

For more information about the coverage options available, premium costs, to request a quote or to learn how to enroll, see the informational flyer, go to the Genworth Life dedicated website or call Customer Service at 800-416-3624.


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