Exempt Interim Disability Leave

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  • Benefits eligible faculty, PAT (exempt) and Extension Educators are eligible
  • Intended to bridge the six month waiting period for long term disability insurance
  • Salary continuation for a period of up to six months when medical documentation indicates that a non-work related illness or injury will result in an absence from work of six months or more
    • Salary is provided through the use of accrued sick leave and/or paid interim disability when sick leave is exhausted
    • Vacation or sick leave is not accrued while on interim disability

Exempt Interim Disability Policy

Exempt Bereavement Leave

  • Paid bereavement/funeral leave in the event of the death of an immediate family member or other relatives

Exempt Bereavement Leave Policy

Exempt and Non-Exempt Jury Duty and Witness Leave

  • Leave with pay for the purpose of serving on a jury or as a subpoenaed witness
  • Pay during leave; either of the following:
    • USNH will pay the difference between the individual’s regular budgeted salary and jury pay or subpoenaed fee (not including reimbursement for expenses) during the period of service
  • or

    • The individual serving may receive full pay for the period of service by remitting to the institution the compensation received from the court (not including reimbursement for expenses)
  • No loss of benefits during the period of leave of absence

Jury Duty and Witness Leave Policy