How To Enroll in the Flexible Benefits Plan

Visit for the online enrollment process.

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  • In order to access the system you will need your USNH identification number
  • The site’s easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the enrollment process
  • If you have questions or need help while enrolling online, contact your Campus Human Resources Office
  • Once you have completed the online enrollment it is important to review your Confirmation Statement

Qualifying Life Events

Per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations section 125.4, you have 30 days following a change in family status to change/enroll in the flexible benefits plan.

  • A change in family status, as defined by the IRS, includes such events as:
    • Marriage/Divorce or legal separation
    • Addition of a dependent by Birth/Adoption
    • Gain or loss of spouse’s employment
    • Involuntary loss of spouse’s medical coverage
    • Death of a spouse or dependent
    • Taking an unpaid leave of absence

Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (CHIPRA)

There are special enrollment events under the Children’s Insurance Act of 2009 which permit changes in benefit elections if you experience a change that results in a gain or loss of eligibility for Medicaid or the state Children’s Health Insurance Program. You may be able to make certain adjustments to your benefits consistent with your status change within 60 days. If you believe that you may be entitled to these special enrollment rights, please contact your Campus Human Resources Office.