Workforce 2025

Workforce 2025 is a initiative launched by the Business and Industry Association and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation that was created in response to the need for a sustainable solution for growing a skilled workforce in New Hampshire. As a collaborator in this initiative, USNH meets with various NH businesses and business organizations to make sure that the state’s public colleges and universities are focused on preparing a highly skilled workforce that is in step with the unique needs of our economy.

It’s all about talent. The strength of New Hampshire’s economy has been and will continue to be its people. Relative to other states, our workers are well-educated. New Hampshire’s competitiveness going forward will be contingent upon our ability to have the best talent and the right intellectual infrastructure.


USNH has been leading the charge in workforce development, meeting with business leaders to hear first-hand their needs and challenges. We are working to ensure our that our businesses have the workforce they need for their success as well as the success of our state’s economy.
Photo of business leaders discussing New Hampshire's workforce.


What business leaders are saying:  

USNH Workforce Development

Lisa Goulemas, Chief Operating Officer of Fidelity's Fixed Income Division

Dean Kamen, Business Owner and Inventor

Mark Caswell, Head of Engineering and Facilities at Lonza Biologics, Inc. in Portsmouth, NH