Storage Offerings

UNH offers storage solutions based on the type of data, size of files, and business purpose. In addition, storage options must be driven by how the data is classified in terms of security.  Data at all USNH institutions must be classified according to the USNH Data Classification Policy which establishes three (3) classification levels: 

Restricted* – institutional data protected by regulation, law, or policy

Sensitive – all institutional data not classified as public or restricted

Public – institutional data approved by the appropriate data steward for public distribution

* Although electronic protected health information (ePHI) protected by HIPAA is currently classified as Restricted, ePHI cannot be stored in UNH storage locations labeled Restricted Use.  Please contact Information Security Services for help.

Should I save files to OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint?

There many ways to share files and collaborate, therefore it makes sense to first identify the reasons for sharing a file. ??????Are you working on the file alone, or with a group? Where does your group primarily work? Is it temporary, or permanent?  Read More.

UNH Storage Solutions Grid

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Storage Service Space Allotment  Best For

OneDrive - an enterprise service that allows users to 
store, share and edit files within online Office apps as part of Microsoft Office 365.

Learn more about OneDrive

1TB free storage
  • Copies of files
  • Sharing Files
  • Collaboration
  • Restricted

SharePoint - an online collaboration space that is part of Office 365.

Learn more about SharePoint

25TB free storage
  • Team communication
  • Shared files
  • Administrative
  • HIPAA Compliant

Rocinante - centrally funded active research storage managed by Research Computing. 

Learn more about Rocinante

Up to 2TB free storage
  • Active research
  • Individual files storage
  • Large file size
  • Fast upload/download speeds
  • Sensitive

USHN Enterprise IT Servers - network drives only accessible on the UNH network and managed by the Research Computing or Enterprise IT Operations and Business Systems.

Please contact Research Computing for help.

See cost sheet
  • Copies of files
  • Large file size
  • Active research
  • More than 2TB space
  • All levels offered, costing applies

Secure Electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) Storage

Please contact Information Security Services or help.

Costing applies
  • Storage must meet mandatory safeguards under HIPAA