Research Data Storage

Through the receipt of strategic funding from the UNH Presidental Cabinet via the UNH Data Management Steering Committee, the USNH Enterprise Technology groups: Research Computing, IT, and Academic Technology, partnered with the UNH Library to offer up to two terabytes of research storage space to UNH researchers without cost to the individual or project group. This storage infrastructure is housed within Research Computing's Lenharth Data Center and is called Rocinante'. 

Active Research Data Storage

Data storage during the active phase of research presents challenges regardless of whether you are housing an acquired data set, or collecting and analyzing your own data.  Whether you work with text or time series, sensors or surveys, recordings or RNA sequences, many factors influence storage options and the optimal selection may vary at different stages of your work.  Rocinante' is meant to be used for the active stage, where you may need online backup, hosting of large datasets, rapid transfer rates for operational data storage and scratch space for analysis.

This service

  • provides an initial 2 TB of storage is free to UNH researchers
  • is available to all UNH research personnel, including single-use PI's and small research groups
  • requires standard UNH authentication (e.g. AD) and off-campus use requires logging into the VPN
  • cannot be used to store data with the USNH Data Classification "Restricted Data" 

Getting Started with Rocinante 

The USNH Enterprise IT Research Computing Center manages Rocinante'. To sign up for an account contact and request access. 

You will be required to sign a Service Level Agreement (Rocinante' SLA). The SLA linked here is a sample that outlines both USNH and Research Computer Group policies. You will receive a personalized SLA from the Research Computing business manager. Once your SLA is signed by all parties, you will be set up with an account and sent information about how to log in and get started. 

Sample SLA