Storage and Security

UNH offers guidance and solutions for storing research data that currently reside on personal or lab computers. The best practice for data storage is to have at least two additional copies of your data, one of which is stored in a location other than where you keep your computer (such as cloud storage). 

Active research data and duplicate copies of research data storage are tools for keeping your data safe during your project's lifetime. To view data storage options at UNH please use the storage solutions grid found on our Storage Offerings page. You can also work interactively with our Data Finder Tool by answering a few questions and seeing what options fit. Information on long-term storage and preservation or archiving data can be found in Long-term Preservation.

Data Security and Compliance 

If you are working with sensitive or regulated data, such as HIPAA, FERPA, CUI, or human subjects data, visit Regulated Data for more information.

Considerations for Selecting Storage 

Selecting appropriate storage for your data depends on data security requirements, the volume of data, and ease of access. The aim of effective data storage is to protect your data from accidental disclosure or loss.