Research Data Support at UNH

Familiarize yourself 

Grant Planning

The Research Office provides support to the UNH research community in its efforts to secure external funding by providing high-quality proposal development and submission services.

Developing a data management plan (DMP) 

    Working with sensitive or regulated data

    Sensitive or regulated data includes but isn't limited to HIPAA, FERPA, CUI and human subjects.

    Ethics and compliance

    Explore the compliance and safety programs that help ensure your research follows the appropriate ethical guidelines and regulations. 


    For questions about patents, trademarks, licensing, start-up companies and the commercialization process based on UNH's intellectual property, contact UNHInnovations

    If you're interested in receiving additional training in research & data management

    Collaboration tools

    UNH provides a variety of tools for collaboration and file sharing

    Finding or accessing existing data

    Storage and security

    • For help with secure storage for regulated data visit our Regulated Data page.
    • Visit our Storage Offerings page to see what is options are available for free and for a fee.
    • If you or your department deals with UNH sensitive or legally protected data, contact ISS for information about data encryption or to schedule assisted encryption on your computer.

    High-performance computing solutions

    Computer equipment and research instrumentation

    Data collection, analysis & visualization

    • The UNH Survey Center provides consulting on all aspects of survey research projects to the university community. 
    • UNH has licensed Qualtrics, a Web-based survey and data analysis service. 
    • RCC offers research-specific software and application development including software development services for database-driven web & mobile solutions and assistance in developing custom research-specific applications for all platforms. 
    • Statistics and data interpretation resources are available for researchers through RCC, the UNH Statistical Consulting Service out of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and Tufts CTSI/Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Center. 
    • Tableau is data visualization software that lets you easily connect to data and use it to create interactive, sharable dashboards. 
    • The RCC VR Lab is a resource that is available for members of the UNH community. The lab is run by members of the Research Computing Center (RCC), and is currently hosted in Morse 220, which also contains the offices of members of the RCC Software Group. Our goal in creating this lab is to reach out to researchers, educators, students, and other community members and find out how Virtual Reality technology can assist them in accomplishing their goals.

    Intellectual Property

    • UNH Library provides general information about copyright and resources for learning more about Author Rights
    • UNHInnovations can assist you with questions about intellectual property, including patents, trademark, and licensing, and provide support through the commercialization process.  
    • You can read the Intellectual Property Policy on the USNH Online Policy Manual.  

    Open Access Publishing 

    • The UNH Scholars’ Repository is a central location for collecting and promoting scholarship and creative work by UNH faculty, students, staff, institutes, and programs.
    • Open Access publishing is of growing importance. Find out more about the many ways to be open.

    Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

    • Request a DOI for your datasets to make them easier to find and cite.