Long-term Preservation

Long-term preservation of research data requires more than just saving copies of your data on Box or on a server.  Preservation requires ongoing active management and good metadata. Usually, it is a good idea to submit data that you want to preserve to a repository. Many repositories will take the necessary steps to preserve your data. For assistance locating a suitable repository, contact the Research Data Services Librarian.

Best practices for preserving data are often the same as those for sharing data. With good planning, you may be able to meet requirements for both at the same time. To learn more about best practices preparing your data for preservation, visit the Data Management Toolkit @ UNH

Long-term Storage 

At a minimum, data needs to be stored in a secure location with at least two copies. Currently, none of our Storage Offerings are suitable for long-term storage, but UNH strives to improve these options for researchers.  For long-term storage solutions, contact the Research Computing Center to discuss options.