Workforce 2025

It’s all about talent. The strength of New Hampshire’s economy has been and will continue to be its people. Relative to other states, our workers are well-educated. New Hampshire’s competitiveness going forward will be contingent upon our ability to have the best talent and the right intellectual infrastructure.


Photo of Dr. Todd Leach, Chancellor, University System of New Hampshire, speaking to business leaders.

"For New Hampshire’s economy to thrive and prosper into the future, investment in our higher education infrastructure is required now." - Dr. Todd Leach, Chancellor, University System of New Hampshire

Photo of business leaders discussing New Hampshire's workforce.

USNH has been leading the charge in workforce development, meeting with business leaders to hear first-hand their needs and challenges. We are working to ensure our that our businesses have the workforce they need for their success as well as the success of our state’s economy. 

What business leaders are saying:  

USNH Workforce Development
Lisa Goulemas, Chief Operating Officer of Fidelity's Fixed Income Division
Mark Caswell, Head of Engineering and Facilities at Lonza Biologics, Inc. in Portsmouth, NH
Dean Kamen, Business Owner and Inventor
Suzanne Foster, Vice President & General Manager, Medtronic in Portsmouth, NH

USNH Capital Appropriation Request – FY2018-2023

This capital budget request will provide vital tools needed by the state’s four-year public universities and colleges to usher in a new wave of high-tech job growth, business opportunities and research partnerships that are uniquely suited to the demands of New Hampshire’s fast-growing innovation economy. Our request is geared toward: 
  • Driving New Hampshire toward its statewide goal of doubling the number of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates between 2012 and 2025.
  • Making USNH institutions even more attractive to in-state student applicants, especially those pursuing STEM-related majors in high-tech fields with the greatest demand.
  • Providing cutting-edge facilities designed to improve student outcomes, build partnerships with private industries and entrepreneurs, and create research for the state’s innovation economy.
  • Building upon the state’s successful KEEP (Knowledge Economy Education Plan) partnership, which was first approved by the Legislature in 2001 and invested in six major science buildings across USNH. 

USNH Capital Appropriation Request - FY2018 - 2023

USNH Operating Appropriation Request - FY2018 and 2019