University System of New Hampshire

09 - 111 Disputed PCard Purchase Process

The cardholder is responsible for initially contacting the supplier to resolve any erroneous charges upon discovery (most disputes can be resolved at this stage). Should the cardholder be unable to reach agreement with the supplier, the cardholder should complete and submit a Dispute Form (see link below) with supporting documentation to his/her Account Manager. Please note that disputed items are time sensitive; an item can be disputed for up to 60 days from the date of purchase. The account manager will then forward the Dispute Form to the bank and send a copy of the form to their Campus Card Administrator. The bank will initiate an investigation. The Dispute Form is available at USNH PCard Dispute Form. Provisional credit will be issued for the disputed amount by the bank while they conduct an investigation on their end.

After the investigation is complete, the cardholder will be notified of the resolution. The cardholder should then communicate the results of the bank's investigation to their Account Manager. If the dispute is not settled in favor of the cardholder, the cardholder's default account will be charged for the disputed transaction.

Account Managers should document disputed transactions just like any other charge to the cardholder's account. Supporting documentation may include copies of the Dispute Form, notes or correspondence between the supplier and the cardholder and/or Account Manager, and any resolution information sent from the bank. Refer to Procedure 9-110 Documentation and Record Retention, for further details.

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