06 - 015 USNH Complaint Policy

  1. Any vendor, unsuccessful bidder, or other party (not employed by USNH) who is aggrieved by a decision made by the USNH Purchasing Department may file a formal complaint in accordance with the procedures established herein.
  2. Any complaint shall be in writing, addressed to the Director of Purchasing, and must be received by the Director within 10 days of the incident giving rise to the complaint.
  3. The complaint shall describe in detail the relevant facts, all attempts made by the complainant to resolve the problem informally, the procedure or specification allegedly violated, the personnel involved, dates, times, location, and expected resolution.
  4. The Director may schedule, at his or her sole discretion, a meeting with the complainant to discuss the issues raised in the complaint. The Director may also, whether or not such a meeting has been scheduled, request further information or documentation from the complainant or any other source.
  5. The Director shall notify the complainant in writing of his or her decision within 45 days after receiving the complaint unless a meeting about the complaint was scheduled. In those cases where a meeting about the complaint was scheduled, the Director shall issue his or her decision within 45 days following the meeting.
  6. Any of the foregoing provisions, including those relating to time deadlines, may be waived by the Director when, in his or her sole discretion, good cause exists to do so.

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