University System of New Hampshire

04 - 005 Preparation of Petty Cash Voucher

Forms USNH-F45 and USNH-F45A

Procedure References: Procedure 4-001, Petty Cash Funds
Procedure 4-002, Imprest Checking Accounts
Procedure 4-006, Preparation of Petty Cash Replenishment Request
Form: Petty Cash Voucher (Form USNH-F45)
Obtain Blank Forms From: USNH Policy & Procedures - Appendix A - USNH-F45 -or-
USNH-F45A USNH Multi-line Petty Cash Voucher -or-
USNH Controller's Office, Accounting Services Department, 862-1624

Forward Completed Forms To:

Accounts Payable (USNH, KSC, PSU as applicable)


1. Purpose

  • To authorize and substantiate all petty cash disbursements.
  • To provide an official receipt of payment from the recipient of all petty cash disbursements.

2. Use of the Petty Cash Voucher (PCV). There must be one properly completed Petty Cash Voucher, Form USNH-F45, supported by an original receipt for each disbursement from the petty cash fund. Hence, two documents are generally needed for each petty cash transaction: one from the Custodian, and one from the vendor/payee. The original Petty Cash Voucher is stapled to the original supporting documents (retail store sales slip, cash register tape, or other original receipt) and forwarded to Accounts Payable with the Petty Cash Replenishment Request (see Procedure 4-006, Preparation of Petty Cash Replenishment Request) at the time of petty cash fund replenishment.
3. Advance Payments to Employees. In some cases, the petty cash Custodian may find it necessary to advance up to $200 cash to an employee for travel or for miscellaneous business supplies. Under no circumstances will petty cash advances be allowed (1) for overnight travel, (2) for more than 48 hours before the expense is anticipated, (3) for more than $200, (4) without a signed receipt (Petty Cash Voucher), (5) to a student or other non-employee, (6) for non-business purposes, or (7) outstanding for more than 4 days. Contact Accounts Payable immediately if advances are not resolved fully within 4 days. When petty cash is advanced to the employee, complete all sections of the Petty Cash Voucher, including the "original amount" column, and obtain the payee's signature. When the employee returns with the receipts, simply fill out the "revised amount" column and have the payee and the Custodian initial the voucher in the far right hand column. If it is necessary to replenish cash funds while advances remain outstanding, the total advance should be charged against the appropriate Banner account. Make a copy of the PCV and submit the original with the Petty Cash Replenishment Request. When the employee returns with the receipts, submit the copy of the PCV attached to a new PCV indicating the amount of cash returned by the employee (if any) in brackets. When preparing the INV to replenish the fund, be sure to credit the original FOAPAL charged if there is cash returned by the employee.

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