University System of New Hampshire

VII. Student Affairs Executive Council Charter

Establishment: The Student Affairs Executive Council (the Council, or SAEC) is hereby established as an executive council within the governance system of the University System of New Hampshire, reporting to and under the oversight of the Administrative Board.

Purpose: The Council advises the USNH Administrative Board, on all matters relating to or arising out of student affairs across the university system and at each of the component institutions and executes such further responsibilities as directed by the Administrative Board.

Membership: The members of the Council shall be the chief student affairs officers at each of the component institutions, as designated by the president of the institution. The Council shall select a Chair from among its members, to serve at the pleasure of the Council. Other campus or USNH system staff may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the Council.

Meetings: The Council will have regular meetings sufficient to meet its objectives in support of the outcomes expected from its annual work plan. The meetings will be at times and locations convenient to membership and may be held via video conference.

Duties: The Council shall:

  • Meet and discuss matters of common interest, share experience and expertise, and otherwise collaborate to advance the interests of the university system and its component institutions;
  • Advise the Administrative Board on critical, strategic, and emerging issues in student affairs both within the university system and across higher education;
  • Execute such further functions and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Administrative Board from time to time;
  • Periodically report to and otherwise appropriately advise the Administrative Board on the work of the Council; and
  • Develop and follow an annual work plan, establish meeting agendas, record and maintain meeting minutes, assess annually the performance of the Council, periodically review this charter, and recommend charter revisions the Administrative Board for review and approval.