University System of New Hampshire

Long Term Disability Insurance

Provides monthly disability income benefits if you are unable to work for 180 days due to an illness or injury.


Percentage of Regular Budgeted Annual Salary Maximum Benefit
60% $5,000/month
66-2/3% $15,000/month


Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits:

  • Upon approval, benefits begin after 180 days of total disability
  • Eligible for continuation of medical and/or dental benefits, based on USNH Policy USY V.A.8.
  • The insurance will cover the employer portion of the retirement contribution for employees enrolled in the USNH 403(b) Retirement Plan, unless otherwise defined in collective bargaining agreements
  • For employees who elect 66-2/3% and who are in the USNH retirement plan, the insurance will cover the cost of the employee and employer retirement contributions


Long Term Disability Policy