USY.V  Personnel Policies
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F. Compensation

6.   Salary/Pay

6.1   Definition. Staff members who are exempt from the provisions of the Fair labor Standards Act are paid by salary. Exempt staff are expected to work those hours which are necessary to accomplish effectively the objectives of the position, but no less than 40 hours per week. When excessive hours are consistently required of a staff member in the regular job, the supervisor and staff member should mutually discuss a resolution around the needs and responsibilities of the job and appropriate administrative options using Human Resources as a resource.

6.2   Holiday Pay. A staff member, who is exempt from the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and eligible to receive holiday pay, will be compensated at his/her usual daily salary. If the staff member is in a position requiring that he/she work on a designated holiday, arrangements should be made with the supervisor to take a day off with pay at a mutually agreeable time.

6.3   Curtailed Operations may be declared and authorized by the Campus Chief Executive Officer (or his/her designee) in the event of an emergency or extreme weather conditions. In such situations, status exempt staff members may be directed to perform assignments, come in late, leave early, or not come in at all as applicable to the period of curtailed operations. Curtailed Operations may be a partial closure of the institution or a full closure. A period of Curtailed Operations of seven (7) calendar days or less is considered short duration. Under Emergency Response, Curtailed Operations may be declared for a longer period of time (see USY V.D.14).

6.3.1   Monetary Payment for Curtailed Operations of Short Duration. If a staff member does not report to work due to weather conditions and curtailed operations is declared, the staff member shall charge her/his leave time for any day or half-day not covered by the curtailed operations if the staff member has not previously requested the use of sick leave or vacation/personal leave for the scheduled time.



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