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F. Compensation

5.   Pay by the Hour Policies (Pertains to Non-Exempt Pay Policies)

5.1   Hours Worked

5.1.1   Definition and Authority. The workweek begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. The standard workweek is 37.5 hours for office and technical staff, and 40.0 hours for facility, craft, service and dining hall staff. Authority to determine what constitutes time worked to comply with FLSA resides with the campus Human Resources Office with advice from the USNH Office of Human Resources as appropriate.

5.1.2   Records. The campus Human Resources Office is responsible for maintaining time and attendance records, which must be completed by the staff member and signed by the supervisor.

5.1.3   Work Schedules. The supervisor may not change a staff member's regular work schedule without prior approval by the campus Human Resources Office. When this occurs, the supervisor must give reasonable (normally defined to be thirty [30] calendar days) advance notice to the staff member. This policy is intended to cover permanent or major changes, and is not intended to prohibit flexibility in dealing with ad-hoc/short-term needs. (See USY V.C.

5.1.4   Rest Periods. Each full-time staff member is allowed to take two 15-minute rest periods per day away from his/her job, which are considered time worked. The immediate supervisor will determine when rest periods may occur. Rest periods are not cumulative.

5.1.5   Meal Periods. All staff members are entitled to take a daily meal period at a time consistent with operational needs, which is considered as time not worked. Meal periods normally last for one hour, but may be scheduled for a shorter period by the supervisor who usually determines a consistent meal period schedule and the time allotted. By state law, no staff member may work more than five consecutive hours without an unpaid half-hour meal break. The Human Resources Office should be consulted if questions arise about conformance with the law.

5.2   Paid Holiday Leave

5.2.1   Eligibility. To receive paid holiday leave, a staff member must hold a status appointment; her/his appointment dates must encompass the holiday, and s/he must not be in a leave without pay situation immediately prior to or following the holiday. If a staff member is on paid leave when a designated holiday occurs, he or she will receive paid holiday leave, and the time will not be charged as vacation leave or earned time.

5.2.2   Payment. All full-time eligible status employees receive holiday leave amounting to their base hourly rate multiplied by their usual daily hours not to exceed eight hours (for percent time staff see below). The eleven paid USNH holidays equal a maximum of 82.5 hours of paid holiday leave hours per calendar year for full-time OS on a 37.5 hour work week schedule and 88 paid holiday leave hours for those on a 40 hour work week schedule.   Operating Staff with percent time appointments. Each case is individualized, based on the staff member's appointment dates, working schedule, and when the holidays fall as per below:   FLEX-TIME appointments. Those staff members whose appointment dates cover the full fiscal year (the 12 month period from July 1 - June 30), but are less than 100%, will have their appointment percentage applied to the holiday leave hours for the week within which the holiday falls. For example, a 75% fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) appointment within which a staff member works three eight hour days and one six hour day each week of the fiscal year, would receive 75% of eight hours (i.e., six hours) of paid holiday leave during a week with one holiday.   FLEX-YEAR appointments. Those staff members whose appointment dates do not cover the entire fiscal year will have the percent-time of their work hours for the work week in which the holiday falls applied to the holiday hours as long as the holiday falls within the staff member’s appointment dates. For example, an 80% appointment within which a staff member works full-time (eight hours a day) from August 11 – May 28 would have the percentage of her/his work hours for the week in which the holiday falls (100%) applied to the holiday hours (eight hours).    A holiday is counted as a day worked for the purpose of computing overtime pay (see USY V.F.7.3.1)

5.3   Curtailed Operations may be declared and authorized by the Campus Chief Executive Officer (or his/her designee) in the event of an emergency or extreme weather conditions. In such situations, status hourly staff members may be directed to perform assignments, come in late, leave early, or not come in at all as applicable to the period of curtailed operations and shifts specified. Curtailed Operations may be a partial closure of the institution or a full closure. A period of Curtailed Operations of seven (7) calendar days or less is considered short duration. Under Emergency Response, Curtailed Operations may be declared for a longer period of time (see USY V.D.14).

5.3.1   Monetary Payment for Curtailed Operations of Short Duration   If a status staff member does not report to work due to weather conditions and curtailed operations is declared, the staff member shall charge her/his earned time for any work hours not covered by the curtailed operations.   Status staff members are entitled to pay for the day if all of the following conditions exist:

  • No more than two hours of his/her shift occur after the end of curtailed operations.

  • The staff member has not previously requested the use of sick leave, vacation or earned time for the scheduled hours.   Status staff members not directed to leave early or come in late will receive their regular pay for the regularly scheduled hours worked plus equal compensatory time off later.   In certain operations requiring continuous 24-hour service, staff members may be authorized payment instead of equal time off.

5.3.2   Absences Not Covered By Curtailed Operations Pay. In cases of marginal weather conditions when operations are not formally curtailed, staff members who do not report to work at a specified time or choose to leave work early will be required to use vacation time, earned time or leave without pay.   The component institutions may designate and maintain a list of staff members who are necessary for operations through weather or other emergency conditions. Such personnel will continue to be required to receive supervisory approval for weather/emergency related absences.



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