USY.V  Personnel Policies
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D. Employee Relations

6.   Nepotism

6.1   More than one member of an immediate family may be employed by a System institution.

6.2   No faculty member, department chairperson, dean, supervisor, or other administrative officer may participate in decisions affecting the appointment, tenure, promotion or other personnel status of a relative. In situations where direct supervision by a relative is involved, the immediate senior to such a supervisor will be responsible for establishing special procedures as may be required to provide equitable treatment, including performance evaluations.

6.2.1   For all purposes involving the application of this rule concerning the employment of relatives of existing personnel, a "relative" is defined as parent, spouse, USNH hardship approved domestic partner, child, brother, sister (or the foregoing as in-laws), and other close relative by birth or marriage (such as aunt, uncle, nephew, or niece).



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