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A. Employee Benefits

6.   Benefits Following Termination

6.1   Last Day of Benefits Coverage. When a faculty or staff member terminates, the last day of active service is considered the benefits termination date. Active service is exclusive of any type of paid or unpaid leave (including sick, vacation, or Earned Time) as well as non-work periods for flex-year employees and academic year faculty.

6.1.1   Academic Year Faculty. The last day of medical and dental benefits coverage for academic year faculty may be extended up to the start of the next official USNH institution’s academic year, in circumstances when the faculty member performs service to the institution outside the established academic year dates. This service may be paid adjunct work, or may be unpaid work associated with completion of teaching or research responsibilities. This extension is normally recommended by the Dean or Institute Director with final approval by the institution's Provost's Office and written notification to the USNH Benefits Office 30 days prior to the end of the academic year.

6.2   Medical and Dental Benefit Continuation. The Consolidated Omnibus Benefits Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is the federal law that provides faculty and staff members who lose their medical and/or dental coverage the opportunity to purchase that coverage.

6.2.1   Eligibility. All faculty and staff members covered by the USNH's medical and/or dental plan are entitled to elect to remain covered by the plan(s) at their own expense and without proof of good health after coverage would otherwise terminate.

6.2.2   Description. Coverage may be continued for up to 18 months following a qualifying event such as voluntary or involuntary loss of employment and for up to 36 months following death, divorce or legal separation from a covered faculty/staff member. Coverage may also be continued for a dependent child no longer eligible under the terms of the plan(s).

6.2.3   Faculty/Staff Member Responsibility. In order to continue coverage, the faculty/staff member must notify the USNH, or its designee, as soon as possible, but in no case may it be later than 60 days from the date of the qualifying event. Specific details regarding COBRA's terms and conditions are outlined in the medical and dental plan descriptions.

6.2.4   Survivors -- Deceased Faculty/Staff Member. The spouse and dependent children of a deceased faculty/staff member will be provided with continuation of USNH's contribution to the medical and dental plan for up to six months from the date of death. After the six months have expired, the surviving spouse and dependent children will be offered the opportunity to continue coverage under COBRA.

6.3   Flexible Spending Accounts.

6.3.1   The deadline to incur FSA expenses is the last day of employment, and the deadline to submit claims is 90 days from the termination date.

6.4   Health Reimbursement Accounts.

6.4.1   The deadline to incur expenses against the HRA is 18 months from last day of employment. After 30 days, there is an administrative fee charged to the HRA balance. The deadline to submit claims is 90 days from the end of the 18-month coverage period.

6.5   Tuition Benefit. A faculty or staff member who terminates during a semester, in which the educational benefit is being used, shall be responsible for a pro-rated portion of the benefit provided to the employee, spouse and/or dependent children. See USY V.A.6.1 and USY V.F.10.4.12.

6.6   Life Insurance. A faculty/staff member may convert USNH’s group life insurance to an individual life insurance policy within 31 days of termination. The conversion notice and request form will be furnished by the life insurance vendor.



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