UNH.VIII  Research Policies
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I. Use of Controlled Substances

1.   Preamble

1.1   The University of New Hampshire (UNH) recognizes its ethical and legal responsibilities to comply with pertinent regulations regarding the use, storage, and disposal of controlled substances in scholarly and teaching activities conducted under the auspices of UNH. Accordingly, UNH maintains a policy on the use of controlled substances in scholarly and teaching activities. UNH strives to ensure that all members of its community understand and adhere to this policy.

1.2   UNH developed this policy to comply with federal and state laws regarding controlled substances, including U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requirements at 21 CFR 1300-1308 and with New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Title XXX, Occupations and Professions, Chapter 318-B, Controlled Drug Act.

2.   Definitions

2.1   Controlled substance: A substance listed on the five (5) DEA Controlled Substance Schedules (Schedules I-V).

2.2   Use: Includes, but is not limited to: manufacture, distribution, importation, exportation, conduct of research, or performance of chemical analysis.

3.   Statement of the Policy

3.1   Use of controlled substances at UNH in scholarly and teaching activities is restricted to authorized persons working under the direct supervision of a DEA registrant in accordance with the DEA registration, and in compliance with all applicable federal and state requirements, and the UNH Controlled Substances Management Plan. This applies to all scholarly and teaching activities conducted under the auspices of UNH involving controlled substances, regardless of discipline or whether the activities are funded.

4.   Applicability. This policy is applicable to any scholarly and teaching activities:

4.1   Sponsored by UNH, or

4.2   Conducted by or under the direction of any employee, student, or agent of UNH in connection with his or her UNH responsibilities, or

4.3   Conducted by or under the direction of any employee, student, or agent of UNH involving the use of any UNH property or facility, or

4.4   Conducted by or involving any individual or institution working with UNH as part of a collaboration, subgrant, or subcontract.

5.   Effective Date

5.1   The requirements of this policy are effective May 8, 2012.

6.   Administration of Policy

6.1   The Senior Vice Provost for Research (SVPR) is responsible for the administration of this policy and its procedures as set forth in the UNH Controlled Substances Management Plan. Approval by the UNH President is required to amend this policy.

7.   Enforcement

7.1   The SVPR is responsible for enforcing this policy. Failure to comply with this policy may be grounds for employee disciplinary action or termination of the scholarly or teaching activity.


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