BOT.VI  Property Policies
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F. Operation and Maintenance of Property

1.   General Policy on Operations and Maintenance of Property

1.1   The property of the University System (including land, buildings, structures, other facilities, equipment, supplies, and materials) shall be operated and maintained in a prudent manner, and with reasonable care, so that the property may be safely and efficiently applied to the pursuit of the University System's educational and other missions.

1.2   The President shall develop prudent procedures for the operations and maintenance of the property of the institution. Those procedures shall establish a program of operation and maintenance which will adequately protect the University System's financial and legal interests.

1.3   The Presidents, in collaboration with the Chancellor, shall establish procedures to ensure the prudent management of environmental health and safety in compliance with applicable state and federal laws. Those procedures shall include coordination with a USNH Council on Environmental Health and Safety, with representation from each component institution. These procedures shall also include, where appropriate, a mechanism for measuring compliance through appropriate means including periodic environmental audits. The Chancellor shall coordinate presentation to the Audit Committee of an annual report describing the state of the University System's environmental health and safety efforts at each institution, including the findings of any environmental audit conducted during the reporting period.


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