BOT.IV  Financial Policies
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F. Student Fees

1.   Use of Student Fees to Engage Legal Representation for Students

1.1   No student fees shall be used for the purpose of engaging representation for, or providing advice to, any student in any way relating to, or arising out of, a matter that is:

1.1.1   Criminal in nature (i.e., a charge, whether the original charge or otherwise) that is at the Class B misdemeanor level or above; or

1.1.2   Against a student who has a criminal record that includes an offense at the Class B misdemeanor level or above, committed while a student at a USNH institution; or

1.1.3   Related to the theft, damage, or destruction of property belonging to a USNH institution, the state, a municipality or other political subdivision, or any private party; or

1.1.4   Adverse to the interests of any USNH institution which is, or is reasonably likely to become, a party to the matter.


2.   Use of Student Fee Reserves to Pay Municipal Expenses

2.1   Under its plenary authority to manage and control the property and affairs of USNH and it component institutions, including its authority to establish, collect, and expend student fees, the Board delegates to each President the following authority.

2.2   Should a President determine that reimbursement is appropriate, he or she is authorized to use the student fee reserves available at his or her institution for the purpose of paying the expenses incurred by a municipality relating to or arising out of a student disturbance.

2.3   The authority to so use student fee reserves shall extend only to then-current reserves. In no case shall future student fees or student fee reserves be pledged to make such payments.


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