USNH Accounts Payable Staff Listing and Contact Information

Accounts Payable and Travel General Information

5 Chenell Drive, Suite 301, Concord, NH 03301-8522 

Main Phone: 603-862-1474 
Fax: 603-862-2123 

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm


Management and Staff

Faith Gerry, Corporate Disbursements Director

Jay Lamoureux, Disbursement Services Manager 

Mark Ford, Disbursement Business Analyst 

Nancy Peterson, Financial Support Specialist 

Lynn Anderson, Senior Business Services Assistant 


Contact List by Business Need or Campus/BSC

The Accounts Payable Department is organized such that the day-to-day workload is shared by three staff members, providing better service to all campuses/BSCs. Each campus/BSC has an individual assigned to take care of their business needs. See the list below to contact the staff member responsible for a particular business need or area.


Business Need Who to Contact
Travel Advances Lynn Anderson
Travel Reimbursement Lynn Anderson
Wire Payments Nancy Peterson



Who to Contact
Academic Affairs (includes Student Affairs and Library) Vacant
Business Affairs Vacant
Central Administration (includes Athletics) Nancy Peterson
CEPS Lynn Anderson
CHHS Lynn Anderson
CIS - IT Vacant
COLA Vacant
COLSA Lynn Anderson
Cooperative Extension Lynn Anderson
Energy & Campus Development Nancy Peterson
EOS/Earth Systems Sciences Vacant
EOS/Space & Ocean Sciences Vacant
Facilities Nancy Peterson
Paul College Lynn Anderson
Research & Public Service (R&PS) Vacant
UNHL Nancy Peterson
UNHM Lynn Anderson
GSC Vacant
KSC Vacant
PSU Lynn Anderson
System Office Nancy Peterson