Internal Audit

Anonymous Hotline

The purpose of this page is to allow you to send a confidential message to the USNH Director of Internal Audit concerning unethical conduct or non-professional business practices within the University System.  Your message is anonymous.  We will not know where the message came from unless you choose to provide your contact information by filling out the optional contact information fields. If you wish to receive a response, please include either your email address or phone number.  If you do not enter your contact information, we will look into your concern but not be able to respond directly. 

The USNH Administrative Policy on Fraud establishes a high standard of ethical and professional conduct for its faculty, staff, student employees, and volunteers.  It encourages everyone to report potential, perceived, or suspected instances of fraud and strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone doing so.

Information provided to this hotline will be kept confidential to the extent consistent with the best interests of the University System of New Hampshire and the requirements of State and federal laws.